Why You Should Buy the SVP PS9700 Slide Scanner

The SVP PS9700 slide scanner is currently a top photo slide scanner because it is able to scan photos at a very fast rate and will definitely save users money in the long run. This is a product that will allow you to put all of your old photographs onto your computer at a fast rate with one touch of a button, making it one of the easiest scanners on the market to use. This is an automatic slide scanner that allows you to digitize slides almost immediately with little effort whatsoever.

The first thing that you need to know about the PS9700 scanner is that it can convert printed photos, negatives, and slides into digital images. All you have to do is insert the hardcopy of the image into the slider and the scanner will do all of the work for you. There is definitely no easier way to get all of this done in a hurry, making this one product that you should definitely look into.

The resolution of products like this is always on a buyer’s mind, but this model has a 5.1mpix scanning chip, which means that it has a resolution of 5184×3600 pixels and 3600dpi. All you need to know is that the resolution will be good enough to print your pictures on an A4 sized page, which means that the quality will be just as good as the original.

svp ps9700 slide scanner pictureAnother benefit of using the PS9700 scanner is the fact that you can check the final product before you store the photo and make any changes as needed. This comes in handy if you are planning on making hardcopies of your photos, as you will be able to look them over before you print them out.

Each page takes less than a second to scan, which is remarkably fast for an instrument of this quality. Anyone who has used a traditional scanner before knows how tedious it can be to make copies of photos, as these scanners take close to a minute for each picture.

The scanning software that comes with your scanner will work with any operating system and if you run into any problems, download are available to upgrade your software. In addition, a customer support team is standing by to answer any questions that you might have and to help you out considerably along the way.

svp ps9700 photo slide scanner imagePerhaps the best thing about this film slide scanner is the fact that it is extremely affordable, with models being available for under $300. When you consider that many stores will charge $1 per slide that is developed, you can see why this is a good deal to take advantage of.

The SVP PS9700 slide scanner is truly one of the best products currently on the market and is something that all customers should take advantage of today. This is a money and time saving device for those with pictures that they wish to replicate and might end up being one of the best purchases you have ever made.

svp ps9700 film slide scanner image

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