All the imaging professionals have something to cheer as Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED is out in the market. It is definitely superb to use and provides high quality scanning features. The scanner is quite fast and it can generate preview scan in 11 seconds and the full scan in only 20 seconds. The biggest example is that we can directly get the output on the computer screen with this film scanner and hence we are free and can do any kind of changes in the scanned version of the photographic film. The optical resolution is about 4000 dpi and it definitely proves that it is the best in the market. There is no risk of damage due to heat and hence it provides best color separation facilities with no warm up time, which is just incredible. These are some of my personal experience and I am putting forward all the features, which I found in the scanner.

This scanner can scan 35mm slides, filmstrips as well as prepared medical slides. It uses the LED illumination technology, which is the best in the market. It compensates the color/contrast automatically and hence the user will not have to worry about it at all. It uses digital ROC, digital ICE, digital DEE, and digital GEM and I found it quite interesting. This helped me while working with the old films and then making it look extremely new. The user interface is so easy that even a newcomer can use it quite easily. I was also a newcomer.

The features clearly keep this slide scanner in the top position among all the available scanners in the market. There are many other features as well of this photo slide scanner, which can definitely bring Happiness in buyers face. The scan image enhancer is just superb and we can do many things with it as far as the image correction is concerned. It is equipped with automatic brightness and color separation facilities and this can be used for a major image correction in the output of the filmstrip scan.

Almost everybody needs the sharp images and the chromatic aberration has been a major problem for them. The image distortion is yet another problem for them. However, the Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED is equipped with Scanner Nikkor ED glass lens and this is the main reason for the enhancement. I found it very interesting.

It comes with the one touch scans and the preview buttons and thus we are just few seconds away from our first preview and the full version probably on our computer screen or laptop through smart USB connection. This again reminds us that this is definitely the best film slide scanner and we can be the king in the field of slide scanning field with the help of this device.

There is warranty period as well with this scanner and if found in bad shape within one year, then it can definitely be returned back to the shop from where it is being purchased. However, drivers are yet not been provided for the Windows 7 operating systems and also the 64-bit systems and these are a major drawback definitely. The noise produced while scanning is definitely very low and thus there is no sound pollution at all.

The biggest drawback is that we have to run it on the 32-bit XP box and as stated earlier it is not compatible with the 64-bit box. However, yet the resolution factor is a major one and it is a reality that we can definitely forget the above drawback since we are still being provided with all the facilities even while using it with the 32-bit box.

It is definitely possible with this scanner to make an old film look new. All the features are just superb and there should be no hesitation in buying it. It cannot be used on windows 7 but it can definitely be used with the Windows Vista, which requires 32-bit system. It also will protect slides and photos from scratches and damages by having them digitized. It provides the best color separation and it is noteworthy that it requires no warm up time. Thus, it saves time as well as it is quite economical as well. Hence, with all these facilities, which I found to work fine, I would recommend that one should not waste the time and buy this Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED immediately.