Epson V300 Scanner

I had a need for a scanner to scan the pile of pictures I had in my loft. A quick internet search reveals the product is on sale at all the major retailers with host of other minor ones. Though the item may sound good, the fact is that is mostly unavailable even from Epson’s outlets. It is a good all-round scanner at an impressive price, giving speedy scans overall, robust in built-quality and user-friendly. Paper scans are equally fairly muted in color, but are fast. A basic scan is a matter of just seconds.

The edge in a flatbed slide and film scanner over a traditional film scanner is its capability to scan four slides or six negatives in a strip in one shot. And here, the software has automatic mechanism to recognize this to scan the images into different files, which can reduce the scanning time if scanning whole films is required. Photos and other scans may require a bit of retouching.

There are some positive and negative aspects like any other scanner. It has some retarded scanning times – four slides at the maximum 13,000dpi and the maximum color setting take 32 minutes compared to a more useful 2,400dpi scan of the same slides taking only around four minutes. In many cases the colors give a little washed out appearance which required some touch-up. The color rectification was not as good as it should be when adjusted manually. If top-quality pictures are desired, extra time is required for touch-up.

The Epson V300 scanner has been contrived for both papers besides film scanning – it is a standard flatbed slide scanner, provided with a hinged lid on the side to enable insertion of documents to be scanned.

The lid conceals the light unit that is essential for scanning negatives as well as slides. It is very much handy over the older models that required the user to change over the lids while scanning the film, whereas the only thing to be done in this improved model is to remove a white plastic mat which hides the lamp on the top when it is not used.

It is a quite slim unit which is robustly built, with only USB and side power connectors, and four buttons on the top (for scanning to the printer, email or a PDF, and the power button).

Installation is a hassle-free as the CD supplied with the package has whatever software needed, including the reasonably (powerful but ease-of-use) user friendly Epson Scan software, with certain document management tools. Results are impressive – scans are crystal clear and brilliant. In many cases the colors give a little faded appearance which required some touch-up. However, this can be carried out automatically with the Epson software and, when switched on, did not require time to process, though at the same time, the color rectification was not as good as it should be when adjusted manually.

Overall, the V300 photo scanner is adaptive, but if top-quality pictures are desired, extra time for touch-up is required. As a well-rounded home  photo and slide scanner, it is worth buying.

epson v300