Examining the Epson 4490 Photo Scanner

image of Epson 4490 photo scannerEpson has most definitely proven to be one of the most successful electronics manufacturers in the industry. That is why consumers are consistently pleased with many of the products produced by the company. And those consumers looking for the best photo scanner will certainly agree that the Epson Perfection 4490 photo scanner most definitely falls under the category as one of the best. This is a model that is packed with a number of features that make it one of the best models available. Why is this so? Let’s explore the reasons why it is such a top model.

The Epson 4490 can be employed to digitize a variety of images at a crystal clear maximum resolution of 4800dpi. The color depth can be delivered at 48bit. As such, one should not look at the popularity of the system as being surprising since the high quality of the imagery is extremely impressive from various aspects. In general, this particular 4×6 photo scanner is designed to work with 35mm film and slides, the same way any other slide scanner does. Those that would like to make high quality copies of such items will certainly appreciate the scanned copies that are produced. The copies might even exceed the value and clarity of the original source material. Again, this is why the 4490 photo scanner is so popular among consumers and remains a top seller. In today’s highly competitive world of consumer electronics, customers demand the very best from the manufacturers they purchase from. The Epson 4490 delivers on all expectations which are certainly a rarity in the world of electronics.

One of the more unique components of this particular model is its capability to eliminate scratches on the original source film. For those that would like to restore some of their favorite images to their original and pristine condition, the scratch resistant component of the scanner will yield amazing results. And this can also be quite cost saving in nature since prior means of restoring a scratched photo could have required touch up work in a lab. Mercifully, a device such as the Epson Perfection 4490 photo scanner eliminates that old archaic process.

Is the system easy to operate? You could say that this particular model could be considered one of the easier models to operate making it helpful to those that might want a photo scanner but lack sophistication in technological areas.

When you buy the Epson 4490, you procure a complete system that includes the scanner, the holders for the original items, cords, cables, and adapters. This installation guide is also included with is user friendly and easy to follow. So, even a novice with scanners will find this system to be an effective one to work with.

And at a price of roughly $250, you truly do get a great deal on an excellent system. The Epson Perfection 4490 photo scanner truly is an amazing item and those seeking a solid photo scanner. As such, if you are in the market for such a device, purchasing this particular model is advised.

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