ImageLab FS5CO5 5 megapixel slide and negative scanner was found to be a fine compromise for personal use which made me to buy the same for my armature use. Except for a few shortcomings, the experience was quite satisfactory as this scanner has many an advantages making the overall usage enjoyable. The trays are too shallow making the loading of film little bit of a problem. The built in software does not have any provision to remove scratches resulting in unclear contrast.

It took too long a time to fine tune and scan especially when they had to be loaded one at a time and the scanning the slides on my brightened flat-bed scanner was found to be very tedious and time consuming. This could be tolerated for a few slides but certainly not a stack load. I was exploring the possibility of locating a device for my parents to easily use to download thousands of our family photos into their computer. I was quite aware of these hand held scanners earlier also. But the ignorance about their quality and price kept me away to make a decision. There are automatic slide scanners capable of scanning multiple images but are very costly.

Imagelab FS5CO5 slide scanner pictureWith my two decade working experience in the film industry in developing scanning technology for negative and digital conversion of motion picture films. This product ImageLab FS5CO5 slide scanner is certainly a good choice for home quality slide conversions and for the facilities it offers the price is worth.

There are very good design features in ImageLab FS5CO5 scanner that scores superiority over other quick shot scanners. The perfection in the design factor makes this easy and simple to use. There is a button for each slide and for film negatives and their functions are labeled therein. To see the accuracy of positioning the object and then scan there is a live screen. Although the scans come out with good contrast, it is very fast. A couple of quick adjustments in iPhoto produce amazing results in simplicity at good speed. You may probably be dissatisfied with the images as they emerge out of the scanner, if only you do not have iPhoto or lack fundamentals of adjusting photos. Prior to my uploading into my computer, a few of my slides gave blown out highs with inky black shadows. If you have iPhoto, simply load the scanner, illuminate the shadows, and dim the highlights to obtain a fast and commendable development.

Some of the benefits of the ImageLab FS5CO5 scanner are as follows:

*5 mpx images: The images are sharp and the dimensions of the megapixel are pretty perfect for cropping and enlarging.

*SD Card: My Mac has numerous computer hardware will only accept software for PC. With the ease of using a SD memory card in this scanner, loading the scans to computer becomes easy as in the case of uploading camera photos. For scanning slides suitable when on the move or in travel this is convenient as it is portable.

*Quick Scanning: flatbed scanners take several minutes to scan a slide producing good results; but if hundreds and thousands of slides are to be scanned, it takes longer time. This one is as speedy as a camera with a push click done arrangement. Technically, this is a camera more than a scanner thus justifies its speedy working. The camera just takes a close-up picture of the slide. It is never as good as the slow model, but can save time by prolonged efforts for the special slides.