A Review of the Epson Perfection v500 Photo Scanner

The Epson Perfection v500 Photo Scanner is a simple inexpensive box which has many features and benefits. It is not just for professional photographers, but for anyone who enjoys taking and editing their own pictures. It can enlarge pictures from 13″ x 19″, or 17″ x 22 ” or from film, with its 6400 dpi resolution.

The Epson Perfection v500 serves as a slide scanner that can also scan negatives or slides using its built in transparency unit. You can restore faded color pictures with a simple touch using the easy Photo Fix feature; which also features digital technology to remove any scratches or dirt from the negative or the original picture. However, you can take your pictures even farther using the Adobe Photoshop Elements which comes included in the package. This will give your photos much better colors because of its 48-bit color depth.

Epson Perfection v500 - ReadyScan LEDThe Epson v500 does not stop at just photos; it can scan multiple documents very quickly using the automatic ADF document feeder. It is the ultimate in high speed plug and play, using a USB 2.0 port. This makes scanning much less aggravating.  The LED light is so energy efficient that it takes very little power to operate the system, and it does not contain any mercury, so there is no worry about mercury poisoning.

The Epson v500 comes with a one year warranty, which is good both in the United States and Canada, however, you can purchase two other types of extended warranties which would be highly recommended. For a small fee you can extend your current warranty for another year, or for only a few dollars more, which is actually much cheaper than it would be to purchase two 1 year warranties together, you can get another year of extended warranty, totaling 2 years so that makes your warranty good for three years, at approximately $10.00 less than the normal 1 year extended warranty.

Epson v500When you purchase your Epson v500, you will find the photo scanner, an AC power adaptor that has its own cord and a high speed USB 2.0 cable to connect to the photo scanner and your computer. You will also find some 35 mm and medium format film holders as well as a scanner setup poster. It will also include an Adobe Photo Elements DVD-ROM and a scanner CD-ROM that should be installed on your computer first.

People are saying some good things about the Epson Perfection v500 Photo Scanner. They state that it has easy features to follow in order to transfer photos, negatives, and slides. Plus it automatically corrects any problems which are necessary to produce great quality photos. The only issue was that the Epson v500 photo scanner was a little larger than some other brands of photo scanners.

Epson Perfection v500

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