Epson v700 Color Photo Scanner Makes Your Images Pop

epson v700If you’ve been looking for a way to scan in all of your pictures, slides and negatives that have been gracing storage bags and boxes in some back closet, you may have found it. The Epson Perfection v700 Photo Color Scanner does just that, scans and captures moments into digital media that can be stored on your computer, turned into file formats that can be emailed, posted on photo sharing websites and manipulated in a multitude of ways. The Epson v700 comes with hardware and software that will make those old images come to life.

For around $600 you can obtain this versatile electronic device. It comes with Photoshop Elements 3 and SilverFast 6 SE (the special edition unfortunately isn’t the full version, but it’s still very efficient – the Epson v750 comes with a full version), two excellent scanning software programs that will allow you to alter photos either automatically or manually to get the best quality image. In fact, with 6,400 dpi, the image quality is one of the best in its class. It also has 4.0 Dmax to improve image quality even more making shadowed areas visible and providing excellent tones. Epson v700 dual lens systemOne of the greatest features is the Digital ICE technology that removes dust, scratches and other blemishes that the image may have. Digital ICE makes multiple passes to map the blemish and then removes it from the final product. The Epson v700 also has dual lenses to automatically select the best scan resolution.

Epson v700 film holdersThe film holders that come with the scanner offer a multitude of easy layouts to scan. Easily insert slides, negatives and pictures into the interchangeable holders (like the slide scanner and document scanner, sheet holder and negative strip holder) and you take the guess work out of placing the items on a traditional scanner, plus it reduces the chance of fingerprints that may affect scanning quality. The Easy Photo Fix scanning technology that is exclusive to Epson faded pictures are restored to a quality that is better than the original.

This photo scanner can be used with both a Mac and a PC and comes with a USB 2.0 cable to increase scanning speeds. It scans at a maximum speed of 12.3 milliseconds per line. It works with Mac OS X and newer as well as Windows 98 and newer. It can handle 8.5″ by 11.7″ media. With 285.1 trillion colors at 48-bit resolution and over 650,000 gray shades at 16-bit resolution, you can enhance and sharpen even the drabbest photos. It even meets energy star requirements making it energy efficient.

The Epson v700 has special features and unbeatable quality that any picture taker would fall in love with. As you can see, it has scanning software that is easy to use and will turn anyone into a professional. So, whether you are the average photographer who has family photos that you want to scan in, or an advanced photographer who still uses 35mm and other film media, the Epson Perfection v700 Photo Color Scanner is the product for you.

Epson v700 front

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